Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kids these day!

Ameranth walked into the living room and immediately started responding (out loud and sickeningly sweetly) to the woman on the TV.

Ad: "Welcome to Tim H**rton's"
Ameranth: "Why, thank you very much!"
Ad: "How are you today?"
Ameranth: "Just peachy keen- how are you?"

Then turning to me she states" And that is how kids brought up on Dora will grow up-thinking the TV is really talking just to them, and waiting for a response!"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nerd Humor

I poured my soda into the glass a little too fast, and as the foam rose, I did the "Don't go over, don't go over" chant and sighed with triumph as it stopped just above the rim. But as I was exulting "Yay", Ameranth was commiserating with "oh no". A tiny trickle had slipped over the side opposite me.

As I wiped it up, I said that since I hadn't seen it drip, it hadn't really happened. Ameranth replied "Schrodinger's Coke?"

I do enjoy our nerdy jokes.

For my relatives who probably won't get the reference- here's a short Wikipedia explanation: Schrödinger proposed a scenario with a cat in a sealed box, wherein the cat's life or death depended on the state of a subatomic particle. According to Schrödinger, the Copenhagen interpretation implies that the cat remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box is opened.

EDIT- And look at that- the next day, The Big Bang Theory has a Schrodinger's cat reference! Maybe we are geeks, not nerds, after all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hurry home, Ameranth!

Jeepers, what a week this has been since Ameranth went to Massachusetts to housesit Mabel for Ms.M and Mr. C.  Not even a whole week, just 5 days, but 3 of them had me taking care of Winston by myself. It is amazing how heavy a 15+ baby feels after just a few times picking him up. I think new parents build up to it gradually, like that old story of the boy who lifted his baby calf every day until he was a lifting a full grown bull. Bull is right!

And as if that wasn't enough, J and I decided we had to start finishing up projects. He finished the taping on the patch in the living room wall, so I can wallpaper in there as soon as I can lift my arms over my head again.  Then we started on the bathroom walls that were still lath over the tub surround since we installed the new tub, back in June, of 2010! Yikes. Hey, the shower was completely usable and we got busy. And if we had another bathroom to use, it would be easier to work on this one. Anyway, yesterday was the day.

We had to carefully loosen the surround to get the wallboard behind it (and yes I know the wallboard should be on the walls before the tub was in but that's not the way it works in this old house. The tub area takes only the smallest size with no room for extra layers of wall) It went fairly smoothly until we got to the area over the door. The lath used there was thicker than the rest and we had to remove it, and replace it with 'new' old lath that we had saved. Yucky stuff in there too, rat's nest and full size corn cobs- I don't know how they got them into the attic and down the wall.

We were racing the clock to get the mess cleaned before Winston was delivered and of course, he came early!  Stashed him in the relatively clean living room while J used the shop vac in the bathroom and kitchen. Then switched places while I vacuumed the dog hair off the living room rug.

I collapsed in a chair with the baby, while J took one more admiring glance at our handiwork. Says he: "you should take a picture of those walls"  Me: "Oh, do you think I need to hurry?"

Later, while watching Alex chat to the players on Jeopardy, one contestant said she had found (a picture of) a Japanese couple in her grandmother's old drawers. J and I looked at each other and started giggling, enjoying a silly moment without a word needed. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let the Sun Shine In

As I opened the blinds in the living room this morning, I was singing "Let the sun shine in"- no, not the one from Hair, further back, the one where "frowners never win".  Ameranth passed through a few minutes later and commented that sunshine was a metaphor for God.  Having moved on from singing, I was momentarily confused until she said "in that song".

Since I only remember the words from the chorus, it took me a moment's thought to agree, then she continued "From the Flintstones- Pebbles and Bamm Bamm sang that song".

I was horrified that a child of mine could think Pebbles was responsible for the tune,  so was quite relieved when she replied, "No, in my head, that's where I remember that song from." Okay then.

Here's your earworm for the day: