Sunday, June 24, 2012


We had a very good day here yesterday, with the news that a grandson was born in CO.
Teva (blog name!) was born at home with Shoeshine "catching", to use his expression, while Lady A did the work. Everyone is doing well, much to my relief, since I had imagined all sorts of dreadful possibilities when I first heard of their plans.

Lady A also supplied us with two bonus grandchildren, Venus and Mars (also blog names, lol).
 Rounding out the family update, here's the latest photo of Ladyslipper:
Now, if they could all somehow be magically moved to Maine, I would be content!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Too much togetherness??

With just one legal vehicle in the family, Ameranth and I have been home together a lot. A lot. (Since J is working, he does get dibs on the car)

Ameranth is looking online for sandals, and wants to find something else to finally use up the credit she's had for over two years now.

A: Okay, the cheapest thing here is a $7.00 key chain. Next is underwear- Jeez, $9.00 for one pair of underwear!

Me: That's crazy.

A: They are Calvin Kleins.

Me: I don't care who they belonged to- $9.00 is way too much for used underwear!

A: Right- even if they were Ghandi's!

Me: Well...

A: And Ghandi's would be pretty dirty.

Me: But there's enough material there to almost make it worth it.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I found this in my shed when I was cleaning it earlier and hung it on the door. It happens to be our house number, but it is more than that- it's a memory.
A memory of when the kids were little, and we had a ball field carved out of a corner of the hay field.
See the scoreboard over to the right? That's where the 5 came from. We ended up with that and the canvas for the backstop when the Little League updated their field. It was a lot of fun when we had friends over and played softball, both adults and kids. 

I wish I had gotten second base lined up with the pitcher's 'mound' in the picture, but more than that, I am just glad to have this photo at all. Even if it has no people in it, I can still see the players.