Sunday, June 17, 2012

Too much togetherness??

With just one legal vehicle in the family, Ameranth and I have been home together a lot. A lot. (Since J is working, he does get dibs on the car)

Ameranth is looking online for sandals, and wants to find something else to finally use up the credit she's had for over two years now.

A: Okay, the cheapest thing here is a $7.00 key chain. Next is underwear- Jeez, $9.00 for one pair of underwear!

Me: That's crazy.

A: They are Calvin Kleins.

Me: I don't care who they belonged to- $9.00 is way too much for used underwear!

A: Right- even if they were Ghandi's!

Me: Well...

A: And Ghandi's would be pretty dirty.

Me: But there's enough material there to almost make it worth it.

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Grampa said...

LOL! Yes, too much togetherness!