Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Guild Wars-nerd alert

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Guild Wars, an online game I have played since it came out. We get birthday gifts whenever a character reaches their own anniversary. I have two guys that share the April 28th date.

The gifts are miniatures of monsters/friends/foes in the game, and arrive in my inventory in a little blue box with yellow ribbon. So first you get the "Yay" from seeing the box, then the double click opening!

Sophie Swift is four and got a Krait Neoss, which is a sort of snake/dragony thing, and Kopah Kabanah, who turned three, got a forest minotaur. So, two new minis for me to add to my collection. Now, my next birthday is in August.:(

Plus, the developers had a huge update which added new content to the game, which was great. New quests to do, new storage options- I am a pack rat in game as well as in life. New collectors from which you get more little mystery gifts, which also come in tied up packages.

I didn't mention that the minis can be activated and will walk around, occasionally assuming their battle stance. Only one at a time, too bad. Some of them fly, and one of mine, a mandragor imp, burrows through the ground, raising a little dust cloud.

Ok, enough geekiness for one day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A nice week

Last week was my first not working, and I got used to it quickly. I expected to think more about what I was missing, but that didn't happen. I easily changed to sleeping earlier, and getting up between 7 & 8. It helped that it was sunny a lot of the time. I love sun.

I went to RI for a quick visit to my parents, and was pleased to see both them looking well. Ma is wearing a heart monitor for 30 days, and it rings a dozen or so times a day. She doesn't feel any fluttering though, and apparently the monitor doesn't react when she does feel it. Although she has had no bigger episodes since being hooked up. Technology is amazing. After calling, she holds the phone over the monitor and the info stored is transmitted to the recording company, then to the doctor.

I looked through some old photos and brought some home to scan of my grandparents and my great-grands. My mother's grandparents both emigrated from Sweden and met in the US. Imagine leaving home in your teens, moving to a foreign country as a servant, and never returning. I barely remember her, a little round lady in black, very scary, but Grandpa O. lived to 87, and was a gentle man, who used snuff. I have their dresser now, with little drawers that lock with keys and a tall mirror in the middle.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight's the night

Last day o' work. At least for the near future. :)

The sun is out, no twinges in my jaw, I raked a garden and made brownies today, and I feel happy, oh so happy.

We've temporarily caught up with the workload, so everyone's shifts in my department were cut by two hours, mostly one at the start and the end of each day. Mine was cut from the beginning, so I was to work from 7-11 tonight! I don't think so,thank you very much. My leader agreed, so she changed it to 5-9. Much better.

On occasion, I have written poems for work, to make us all laugh and I will post my retirement medley here- Oh how I wish I could sing.

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go , I’ll see my honey,
And if I stay, I’ll earn more money.
So come on and let me know,
Should I stay or should I go?

Take down those orders, do it fast,
Or you don't get no spendin' cash
If you don't please that caller more
You ain't gonna rock and roll no more
Yakety yak (don't talk back)

You work 16 years and whaddaya get??
An offer to leave and pay off some debt.
Saint Peter don'tcha call me 'Cause I’m
working no more- but I can still go
to the Company Store!


I just got my state taxes in under the wire tonight- clicked 'file' at midnight. Although I wouldn't have been penalized, since the Maine I-file was so bogged down today. Their server couldn't keep up, so a notice was posted that tomorrow would be acceptable.

I tried as soon as I got home from work and presto, it worked! And this year we get a little refund, instead of having to pay, so that's good too.

Speaking of work- one more night to go! 5-9 tomorrow, then back Friday night for an hour to officially say goodbye. I will miss the people- some I've worked with for 13 years or more.

And, I've stopped taking the pills for my trigeminal neuralgia, or tic douloureux, as my Dr prefers to call it. We shall see if it is in remission- I certainly hope so!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm tired and I want to go to bed

I'm tired today.

Yesterday was a tense day, after a call in the morning that my mother had been taken to the hospital with a suspected heart attack. Good news later, no heart attack, "just" atrial fibrillation(that her meds didn't take care of) and she was staying in overnight, much to her disgust.

Within an hour of the first call, my shoulder and neck tightened up to the point where I couldn't turn my head. Those muscles are always tight anyway, due to my fibromyalgia, and I guess I exceeded my tension limit. A Flexiril helped some and I made it off to work, after talking to Grandma once she was settled in a room.

My father just turned 75, and my mother will be 75 at the end of April. They do fine on their own, now that we have convinced them they shouldn't go up on the shed roof to fix it anymore. I kid you not. They were up there a few years ago.

My mother has osteoporosis, COPD and fibro, and my dad has had several strokes, leaving him with no peripheral vision. He can see out the bottom of one eye, and the top of the other, and Ma says that she probably should start doing the driving! Gee, ya think?

Ma hates to make a fuss. So, when she woke up with the heart fluttering, and a pain, she took her pills as directed, and waited. The fluttering stopped but the pain was still there. So, they call my sister, who lives next door(and is a CNA) to see if she thinks they should go to the hospital. Of course, she says yes, and asks if they want her to drive them? Because you don't call 911, if you're not sure you might be dying! I think the only time 911 was called was when Ma tripped over the dog, and broke her hip. And that was only because she couldn't get up herself.

No, Grandpa Bob will drive, he of the segmented vision, and he waits while Ma takes a quick shower. They make the half hour trip and find the ER empty so got looked at right away. I wonder if it had been crowded, would they have sat quietly until it was their turn, instead of saying hey,possible heart attack here!

My three sisters live in R.I. and they are great at letting us know when something like this happens. #5 called me in the morning, #4 (the CNA) called in the afternoon to let me know Ma was in her room,etc, and #3(who is an RN) wrote an update that night for the family email list. {Just for completeness, my brother is # 2, in Texas and I am the oldest}.

My father naturally has other things on his mind, but also feels that he will update us when he gets home, after an incident is all over. However, he also writes a daily email and if that's missing we know something's up. We usually give him until noon, assuming an appointment of some sort delayed him, but if we don't get anything then, one of my sisters gets a call. If it's computer trouble, then a sister will send an email to everyone letting us know he's offline.

The dogs are reminding me it's time for their walk, so I better get going.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A nice Saturday

The weather was once again foggy and wet, but we had a nice day anyway. J and I drove up to Skowhegan to the New Balance Outlet, and I got two (2!) pairs of sneakers. Or athletic shoes or whatever they call them nowadays. I don't think I have ever bought two pairs of shoes the same day before. This store is the only place I've found that carries 10 1/2 wide. So, now you know, I have big feet.

We took the camera, so of course saw nothing noteworthy. Had a late lunch/early dinner at the Ground Round in Augusta- Woo hoo, I know, how exciting , eh? But we rarely eat out, so it was a splurge since neither of us can stand to spend too much on restaurant food.

I have been so happy this week, after handing in my early retirement papers! My last day will be the 16th, then I will be free, free to be me. At least for the summer. Then, who knows?

Bought rawhide chews for the pups, and spent the next hour getting one of them away from Rosie and back to Boomer. Rosie felt she needed both new ones, and the remains of the last one they had.

The backyard is a quagmire. The top 4 inches of soil has melted and it slides around underfoot on the still frozen dirt beneath. Plus, Rosie has not only rediscovered her holes from last year, but started a couple of new ones, to break in the new guy, I guess.