Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just got my state taxes in under the wire tonight- clicked 'file' at midnight. Although I wouldn't have been penalized, since the Maine I-file was so bogged down today. Their server couldn't keep up, so a notice was posted that tomorrow would be acceptable.

I tried as soon as I got home from work and presto, it worked! And this year we get a little refund, instead of having to pay, so that's good too.

Speaking of work- one more night to go! 5-9 tomorrow, then back Friday night for an hour to officially say goodbye. I will miss the people- some I've worked with for 13 years or more.

And, I've stopped taking the pills for my trigeminal neuralgia, or tic douloureux, as my Dr prefers to call it. We shall see if it is in remission- I certainly hope so!

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