Monday, April 27, 2009

A nice week

Last week was my first not working, and I got used to it quickly. I expected to think more about what I was missing, but that didn't happen. I easily changed to sleeping earlier, and getting up between 7 & 8. It helped that it was sunny a lot of the time. I love sun.

I went to RI for a quick visit to my parents, and was pleased to see both them looking well. Ma is wearing a heart monitor for 30 days, and it rings a dozen or so times a day. She doesn't feel any fluttering though, and apparently the monitor doesn't react when she does feel it. Although she has had no bigger episodes since being hooked up. Technology is amazing. After calling, she holds the phone over the monitor and the info stored is transmitted to the recording company, then to the doctor.

I looked through some old photos and brought some home to scan of my grandparents and my great-grands. My mother's grandparents both emigrated from Sweden and met in the US. Imagine leaving home in your teens, moving to a foreign country as a servant, and never returning. I barely remember her, a little round lady in black, very scary, but Grandpa O. lived to 87, and was a gentle man, who used snuff. I have their dresser now, with little drawers that lock with keys and a tall mirror in the middle.

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