Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tell me what's a happening!

Not a whole lot happening here, that's for sure. Big excitement tonight was J's lunch for work tomorrow- looked so good that I snapped a photo:
Mmm, mmm, right? And he does this all by himself. Every day. Makes his lunch, that is- something different, not always a smorgasbord. That's what we used to tell the kids we were having for supper whenever we had leftovers, cheese, crackers, apples, whatever. 

Actually, I lied- we did have some big old excitement when Sectaurs offered to buy us a new van, after J's truck failed its inspection (just like my van did in June) The frame is too far gone to fix, never mind the other problems, so we will use it to carry wood or junk around the yard. We drove down to Massachusetts and brought this home last Tuesday:
A 2012 Dodge Caravan. The last time we had a new car was when we bought our first Caravan, in 1987. He didn't want to wait so registered it and we will transfer it and get our Maine plates in a bit. We are very happy about this.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


J's truck failed its inspection a week or so ago. We checked into keeping it registered as a farm vehicle but our mechanic told us it couldn't pass the partial inspection either, and that it wasn't safe to keep on the road. The frame is rusted through and he makes it seem like the floor mat is the only thing stopping J from dropping through to the road like Fred Flintstone's feet.


Good news, Sectaurs surprised us by offering to give us a new van! We drove down to Massachusetts to pick it up today. I called dibs on driving it back, but J gets it now to drive to work. We're very excited about all the new developments since the last model we had was a 2000. (We usually skip at least one decade of automobile enhancements  between cars.)  Did you know that keys aren't actually keys anymore? We have a honking piece of plastic that looks like a USB plug to start the car, but it does have a secret 'regular' key hidden inside, to get into the car if the battery in the plastic gizmo dies. The things they think of!  We also have CD player, a first for us as is the MP3 plug.

We were very pleased to see that there are his and hers controls for the heat and AC. Or as J said: dueling controls. I told him the technical term was "dual" controls and that what we had before were the dueling controls.