Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, you, Mr Crazy

On our way to track down a roll of wallpaper yesterday, we took some roads that we don't often use. After checking that, yes indeed that man does still have hundreds of hubcaps covering his front yard, we saw some llamas- no, alpacas.

L: Yes, aren't alpacas smaller and they have those cute topknots of fluff?
J: Yup. They look like people sometimes.
L: People? The alpacas?
J: Yeah, the people in The Planet of the Apes.
L: You mean the apes?

J was putting away dishes and I was rearranging stuff in the fridge when he suddenly remarks:  Chocolate covered strawberries
L: uh huh
J: They do not appeal to me.
L: Me neither.
J: Just in case you were thinking of getting me some- don't.
L: Well, darn. There goes my Valentine's gift idea. Now whatever will I do?

From the other room, Ameranth is laughing at us.

I love you anyway, you crazy man.