Saturday, May 31, 2014

California, here we come!

And lots of points in between our home in Maine and San Francisco where Ian now lives. (For whatever imaginary readers who are not family and who read this blog before I wallowed in depression and stopped most social interactions, I've decided to use names now. It's easier and I think will cause no harm)

When we decided that the time was right for John to retire, or at least go to part-time hours, I started campaigning for a road trip. After all, if the mountain can't come to Grammy, Grammy needs to go to the mountain, or the grandkids,in this case. And this Grammy don't fly.

So, on Friday, we left Kelly (the daughter formerly known as Ameranth) to care for our house and the two dogs and took off on our five week tour of the country.

Not only is she housesitting, she gave us her phone to use, since we do not own one. This meant a crash course in the mysteries of the phone, using the camera, and the differences between Instagram, texting and "the selfie".  Of course, I knew what those things were, I just had never done them. And now that I have, I cannot understand how anyone  would dream of texting while driving! Are you crazy?!?  Admittedly, it can take from one turnpike exit to the next for me to fire off one fully-spelled out message, but still...

You'll notice above, my first attempt at the selfie. My youngest sister gave me a tip, hold the camera at arm's length and above you, to avoid the " pig nose" effect from my inadvertent selfie taken while trying to turn the camera around. She didn't address the bifocal problem though. It's hard to get a flattering photo when you can't see the screen. However, I think we have it figured out:the ussie. I hold the camera and John pushes the virtual button.
The only problem is that we look really silly doing that in public. We managed this one quickly in a steam locomotive cab,in between other tourists climbing up and down.

We hadn't planned on going into the Steamtown museum, having stopped there because it was the first National Park/Historical Site we reached where we could buy a Senior Pass. Which is a very good deal, for $10.00,we can now get in most of the NPs free. We used it Saturday at Harper's Ferry,WV.

Our first motel night was...interesting. First, we stopped a little late,around 7,and just went to the first chain we saw, got one of their last rooms. I walked in to the bathroom,and saw water drops all over the toilet cover. Having to use the facilities, I figured it could be condensation from the vent fan. But when a drop fell on me, I decided this was a shock hazard and called the front desk. We got a new,dry room and were happy. About midnight a group of young people decided to have a fight directly across the hall. Seems as though the girl locked the boyfriend out,and he objected. Loudly, with many manly bangs on the door and much bellowing. Fortunately they had friends who talked him down and it ended without police intervention. I assume.

Quite a full first day.