Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Guild Wars-nerd alert

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Guild Wars, an online game I have played since it came out. We get birthday gifts whenever a character reaches their own anniversary. I have two guys that share the April 28th date.

The gifts are miniatures of monsters/friends/foes in the game, and arrive in my inventory in a little blue box with yellow ribbon. So first you get the "Yay" from seeing the box, then the double click opening!

Sophie Swift is four and got a Krait Neoss, which is a sort of snake/dragony thing, and Kopah Kabanah, who turned three, got a forest minotaur. So, two new minis for me to add to my collection. Now, my next birthday is in August.:(

Plus, the developers had a huge update which added new content to the game, which was great. New quests to do, new storage options- I am a pack rat in game as well as in life. New collectors from which you get more little mystery gifts, which also come in tied up packages.

I didn't mention that the minis can be activated and will walk around, occasionally assuming their battle stance. Only one at a time, too bad. Some of them fly, and one of mine, a mandragor imp, burrows through the ground, raising a little dust cloud.

Ok, enough geekiness for one day!

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