Saturday, April 4, 2009

A nice Saturday

The weather was once again foggy and wet, but we had a nice day anyway. J and I drove up to Skowhegan to the New Balance Outlet, and I got two (2!) pairs of sneakers. Or athletic shoes or whatever they call them nowadays. I don't think I have ever bought two pairs of shoes the same day before. This store is the only place I've found that carries 10 1/2 wide. So, now you know, I have big feet.

We took the camera, so of course saw nothing noteworthy. Had a late lunch/early dinner at the Ground Round in Augusta- Woo hoo, I know, how exciting , eh? But we rarely eat out, so it was a splurge since neither of us can stand to spend too much on restaurant food.

I have been so happy this week, after handing in my early retirement papers! My last day will be the 16th, then I will be free, free to be me. At least for the summer. Then, who knows?

Bought rawhide chews for the pups, and spent the next hour getting one of them away from Rosie and back to Boomer. Rosie felt she needed both new ones, and the remains of the last one they had.

The backyard is a quagmire. The top 4 inches of soil has melted and it slides around underfoot on the still frozen dirt beneath. Plus, Rosie has not only rediscovered her holes from last year, but started a couple of new ones, to break in the new guy, I guess.

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