Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm back home again. Well, okay, actually I've been back since Tuesday night, but I've been busy relaxing, then having Thanksgiving dinner here and enjoying our company, who all left this morning. Back to relaxing, right?

But no, my father sent a gentle reminder that he has had no new reading material here lately, so I figured I'd indulge him with a post.

My road trip was hectic, tiring and extremely enjoyable. Between Nov 1st and 22nd, I covered almost 9000 miles, through 31 states. I drove down to FL, where my aunt Sally joined me in visiting my brother and sister-in-law in TX and then out to San Diego to greet Ameranth and Anna as they finished their 6 month walk across the US.

I did not know that geese don't sleep when it's dark like most birds. #2's 30 geese live outside his door and honk quite a bit throughout the night, and day, for that matter. He explained that they are on roughly a six hour cycle and pointed out that they were all sleeping at 2 the next afternoon. I found myself regarding them with the same irritation that new mothers have towards their napping darlings- "Why now? Why not when I want to sleep too?"- except minus the love. 

He also raises beef cattle, and they were more interesting- especially the new calf, and his longhorns.

On we drove, enjoying the decorations found on southwestern overpasses and welcome centers.  I had to go back with my camera when I visited this Texas rest stop. 

This was the New Mexico welcome center and I did check for snakes, although I am sure it was too cold for them to be a danger to me.
I also wondered about this shrine-like collection of plastic flowers. Did someone face the ultimate penalty for overstaying here?

Trying to make good time on those 80 mph speed limit highways, we found ourselves looking for a motel in a long barren stretch of Arizona one evening. We came to Gila Bend and spied this possibility.
This Space Age motel had a very quirky '60's theme but alas, the man ahead of us snagged the last room. (at an overheard room rate that made us rethink whether we would have stayed there anyway). Going back to the tourist info station at the end of town, we were told that lodgings were scarce due to a construction boom and Prince Harry being in town. Smiling politely, we left the crazy lady and drove on, discovering the next day that the Prince really was in the area, for military training.

The next day we took a secondary road though desert west of San Diego and met Ameranth and Anna where they had been staying with Sally's granddaughter and her family, waiting for us. It was funny to see Anna leaping in excitement when she recognized her (Ameranth's) car, and she was beside herself when I got out. I think she was done with the walking and ready to ride!
She did have a few more days to go, but finally it was Nov. 11 and the last 5 miles of the Big Trek.
Sally and I drove to Dog Beach and waited for them to get there.
Ms. M had sent their info out to local news stations and one came down to interview Ameranth. My cousin saw it on her news that night, but we haven't been able to find a link yet. It was very exciting to be there when Ameranth finished and Sally and I were so glad we made the trip. We talked to a few dog owners as Ameranth approached and they joined in the cheering and congratulations. Lots of fun, and what a sense of accomplishment! Go Team Adventure!!

I have lots more to write about our trip, but this is enough for one day. 


Grampa B said...

Thank you! I wAS thirsting for fresh information!

In Real Life said...

Wow! What a wonderful trip! Neat pictures! I love the one of the long horns and and the one of the baby calf. Congratulations to Ameranth! What an adventure!

knitwit said...

What an amazing trip--and accomplishment!
Those southwestern shots made me long to get back down there for a road trip of my own!