Friday, December 2, 2011

Travel Tidbits

Here are some random photos from our road trip. Things I can't see fitting into a "regular" post except maybe "each of these things is not like the others", to paraphrase Sesame Street.

How frustrating is this? Riding in the car and getting a rogue tab that refuses to do its job. I used my handy-dandy Leatherman tool to beat the can into submission.
Too bad it was dark when I found a place to sleep my first night out. I chose the Dutch Motel, then the next morning saw a beached steamboat across the highway at the Scottish Inn. Maybe that was the motel. I'll never know.

This "love you" was in the sand outside a New Mexico rest stop.  I have nothing to add.

Ameranth and Anna- just a pair of rebels!

This crack is one of many resulting from the drought in Texas. #2 had to put a board across one of the larger ones near his house.

I just like this speckled cow. She had the biggest horns, and definitely kept her eye on us when we got out of the truck. I kept an eye on her as well!

A little too happy, you think? This was just in Utah and we had at least another week ahead of us. I wonder why we didn't get a happy face from Sally? She may have been ignoring us, or just checking on Bertie.


In Real Life said...

Great photos! Reading about your trip, makes me want to head out on a road trip too! :)

B2 said...

The cow in the picture just had a calf and the cracks are mostly gone.