Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Dog Days

The apple mint we planted to control the nettles won the day and has reached the road. It's all mint and jewelweed;  and bees, butterflies and birds.

And in other 'news' we went out to camp yesterday and saw the huge snapping turtle that our family members have been talking about. Over the last several years, crazy people, aka relatives, have been tossing bread to two large turtles, along with assorted smaller ones and fish. Why would you do this in an area in which you also swim? I'm told she goes away if people enter the water. uh huh, right.

The reflection on the water made it difficult to get good pictures, but considering that her neck can stretch out a good 8-10 inches (I saw her swimming that way) we were not getting any closer.  With her head un-stretched, she's a good two feet+ long, and her shell is easily 12 inches wide. Her head is as large as my clenched fist, just a little smaller than a regulation softball. Intimidating to say the least.


Anonymous said...

We also found out she is a he

Kelly Sheehy said...

Wow! He's big! :)