Saturday, November 10, 2012

Morning Smile

You wouldn't think that leftovers in dirty dishes would be a good start to the day, but this made me smile.

The engraving has worn but my daughter's name is still faintly visible. 25-30 years ago, you could send in labels from SpaghettiOs and get 3 engraved spoons. The kids liked them then, and J still buys them for a quick warm snack every once in a while. The problem was the '3'. We have 4 kids. Since Ameranth did not care for this delicacy at that age, I got spoons for the others, and when she questioned it a little later, she was told her spoon was lost in the move to Maine. So she says- I don't remember this.

But, yes, that was Ameranth's snack last night and that spoon is hers. I was lucky enough to get 6 unengraved spoons on EBay some years ago, and not only gave Ameranth her spoon, I replaced Shoeshine's which was long gone, as well as welcoming Mr C to the family with his own spoon. Thank goodness he's a good guy who doesn't mind his in-laws' quirks.

Last year I found some more spoons online, not the same design, but still SpaghettiOs. Shoeshine's family all got engraved spoons, including two sent to Ladyslipper and her halfbrother. I couldn't have her lording it over him in the future, could I?  Now, Teva is here and needs one and J still mentions the fact that he never got a spoon at all. My supply is dwindling, but I still have a few for future additions to the family.  Lucky unsuspecting souls!


Kelly Sheehy said...

That is so sweet! :)

tanya said...

really odd request. . my kid brother had one of these spoons with his name on it. my mom accidentally threw it out. . when he was like 20. he is still sad about this weird bit of nostalgia. is there any chance you still have one of the ones pictured and might be coerced into selling it? i understand this is a special thing for your family--but i thought it was worth a shot.

Linda said...

I sent an email to you, but in case you don't receive it- I'm sorry, I'd be glad to send you one, but I have only one left and am hoping to need it for a future daughter-in-law. :)