Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The front steps have color!

Finally, I have stained the steps! One set anyway.  After more than a year of naked wood, the front of the house looks finished. Actually we had to wait for the pressure treated wood to age, so the procrastination is not as bad as it may seem.

I got out of training early today, as we were up to actually picking orders and there was not enough work to go around. It was sunny, and the temperature was 43 at noontime, so it was warm enough to stain. Barely. Today is probably the last chance I had to get this done so I am happy, but it took soooo long to do. Because we wanted two colors, and I already have roses on the darn trellis.

So here is the finished product. Ta da!

The door will some day be green as well. Some day.


In Real Life said...

Beautiful steps, I really like the green! It's a gorgeous fall day here too!

Molly said...

They look so good!

Anonymous said...

The accent colors look very nice - and go well with your red roof!