Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If this is Tuesday, then I'm random


I really hate my work week starting on Sunday- I keep forgetting which day I am on, but I'm pretty sure it's Tuesday, and that means randomness.

During stretch break at work last week, an announcement from another department came over the loudspeaker. "Mark from replenishment, could you check to see if you're bleeding? Mark, look to see if you have a cut on your hand."
The Black Knight immediately popped into my head as we all looked at each other, wondering exactly what goes on in replenishment?

Red grapes have been my snack of choice for the last year, and I used to share one occasionally with Rosie, until the vet told me grapes were bad for dogs.(lots of grapes, not a few) Rosie has felt quite put upon since. This morning a grape fell to the floor in front of  her and we stared at it for a moment, then I told her to go ahead. As she delicately picked it up, Ameranth and I simultaneously sang to her: "Die, if you want to".
Too much Jesus Christ Superstar?

J just came in to ask what I wanted for Christmas. Of course I drew a blank and told him I would think about it and meanwhile he should make his wish list too.
J: I told you I wanted a caliper.
Me: You told everyone you wanted a caliper. You can't tell everyone the same thing.
J: When I was a kid I made a list and my parents took care of sharing it.
Me: This is the opposite of that. You can't tell 5 people the same thing. Do you want to end up with 5 calipers?
 J: That would be fine with me!
 It would serve him right if he did.


In Real Life said...

I just got back from googling caliper, now I am happy that I learned something new today! That is a fun word to say!

Hope you have a great day! :)

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

One of the items we used to stock and sell at my old job was calipers - that is hilarious.

Great random post! Happy Tuesday!

knitwit said...

That's a funny announcement! Now I'm wondering what goes on in replenishment too!
I haven't seen Jesus Christ Superstar since I was 10 when we did a whole unit on it in school (I can't imagine the public education system tackling it these days!!), but now that song is planted firmly in my head for the day!