Saturday, December 4, 2010


My goodness, it felt great to wake up on my own, not to an alarm, this morning. Actually, I did have an 'alarm' in the form of Boomer, whining at 2:15 to get out of his crate, but I sent him out to pee, then let him join Rosie in the living room and went back to sleep until 6:45. Lovely.

He stuffed himself full of old tomato sauce at the compost heap after our walk in the field yesterday, so may have had a bit of a tummy upset. Serves him right- we have to catch the others and leash them, but he has always come when called before. The rare chance of food to himself overwhelmed his drive to please.

Deer hunting season is over, so it's safe to take our dogs out in the pasture now. Rosie and Anna spend most of the time with heads buried in grassy tussocks, hunting shrews and mice. It's hard to get pictures since all we see is three curly tails waving madly. (While resizing the photos today I realized that I had overtaxed the zoom, hence the pixelation)

Boomer was perfectly willing to fetch the stick as long as we would throw it.  He was throwing it in the air himself here. It started out with broken pieces on either end attached with flaps of bark and when he shook it violently, he was bonking them on either side of his head, which didn't seem to to bother him at all.

Going back to the resizing of pictures, here's few of us trying to time smiles and attitudes to the 10 second camera timer. I left out the one where Sectaurs was trying to get back in time for the 2 second timer.

I'll finish up with some J took about a week ago. It looked like fog at first, but I think it was smoke from a neighbor's wood stove, hanging in the air over the low part of the pasture where our little ponds are.


In Real Life said...

Wow, those ones of the fog/smoke are neat, it has a ghostly effect!

Boomer looks too cute, playing with his stick!

Your family ones are really great, everyone has such nice smiles, and it looks like you're all having lots of fun together! :)

knitwit said...

I love those smoky photos!
My dogs insist on snacking from the nasty old compost heap too. And now that we have snow, there are interesting poopsicles out there for them too. Dogs have truly cornered the market on disgusting behaviour!!

Marlow said...

So is that the official scrabble board in 2 of the shots? And why is it removed in the other???

Linda said...

Yes, we had finished playing Scrabble and apparently decided it should be removed in the middle of the photo session. Ameranth removed her sweater too, I see now.