Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15th and it's sunny!

I know, that shouldn't be news, right?  Overall it has been a nasty wet cold spring in Maine and I am sick of it. I admit we have had some nice days but not enough when you consider we only get 5 months of warm here. But it's sunny here today and I will be outside as soon as the overgrown grass has dried up a bit., so enough whining.

Enough whining about the weather, anyway. We are still dithering about our vehicle woes. Well, I'm dithering-J has set his mind on a new van. Our mechanic looked it over and we can't justify the cost of fixing it when it will probably last only one more year. Next up is Ameranth's car, which is registered (in MA) but not inspected or insured. We'll have that looked at and hope that it doesn't need anything major- I have power of attorney for her for just this situation. (I have had an uneasy feeling about our car for some time now).

Speaking of Ameranth, after 3 weeks of walking, she is now in Ohio and much relieved to get out of the claustrophobic hills of western Pennsylvania. She didn't realize that was the problem until she was into a more open, rolling hills type landscape. The stroller she is using has been a big improvement over last year. Although pushing it up the side of mountain roads has been challenging, her back, knees and feet thank her every night. In fact, Anna is pooping out first these days- something I never would have expected! She has stayed with and talked to a lot of friendly people, including a passing policeman who gave her some pepper spray on a key chain. I thank the nice people who gave her rides around towns they didn't think she should be walking through, who fed her veggie food and offered her showers  and yards to camp in.

Boomer says 'hey'.


Grampa said...

WoW! If Boomer only acted as well as Boomer looks! (Just going on memory, of course)!!

knitwit said...

All my keys are working this morning so I thought I'd better leave a comment while I can!
We're having the same blah weather here. This morning, the fog is so thick, I can't see down the driveway. They're saying non-stop rain for the next week. Yuck!
Boomer looks so happy! And I LOVED that Kool-Aid jug. I seem to remember my mom having one like that. Those were the days! Buying Kool-Aid for your kids gets you dirty looks at the grocery store these days!

In Real Life said...

I am glad to hear that Ameranth's walk is going well, and that she is meeting nice people.
Boomer looks so cute and sweet!
I hope the sunshine stays, and summer arrives soon!

Cid said...

Yes, finally some summer weather. We've had lots of sun which I will send your way.