Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, Yeaaaahhh

I dug out the old Kool-Aid pitcher and my stash of raspberry flavor envelopes and made some bug juice, as J calls it. It's just replacing a couple of cups of water with orange juice, which gives a nice tang. A good drink for a hot humid day and it comes with memories- always a bonus.

When I researched to find the Kool-Aid tag line, I found this roundup of old ads on You-Tube. Not the best quality but they work. I was surprised to see the Monkees on there, and noticed that there were only 3- what, was Peter Tork too cool for Kool? 

In other news :) I saw the second team of mosquito fighters last night- the bats were flying as I put Boomer to bed. It was just before 9, not quite dark, and I heard the scrabble of tiny claws and 2 bats flew out from under the old shed's metal roof. Every minute or so a few more came out and swooped overhead to look for dinner. I didn't even try to get a picture, just stood there and watched for 15 minutes or so, enjoying the quiet and making sure that none of the scrabbling was coming from our attic!

Our rototiller is out for first aid- we hope to get it back soon so our poor potted veggies get a chance to spread their roots out. J got his weed whacker going and cleaned up some edges while I raked and trimmed rosebushes. And now, since I have cooled off, I should get back out there.


Grampa B said...

LOL Beautiful shot of dandelions gone bye!

Captain Dumbass said...

You have a Kool-Aid jug?!?! Jealous.