Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday weekend

We had a very nice visit with Ms M, Mr C, Sectaurs and Minnie this weekend. They did get caught in the holiday traffic coming up on Saturday so were a little later than we expected, but the weather was wonderful. We played bocce and croquet then we cooked hotdogs over the fire. Well, Mr C and I did, everyone else had hamburgers. Anyway we were so busy that no one took any pictures, unfortunately.

However, someone in the family had a picture taken, and it appeared in today's paper in Logansport, IN.

Ameranth reported that a very nice local man invited her to dinner at the pizza parlor with his extended family, then insisted she go home with one to sleep indoors when a thunderstorm arrived with tornado warnings nearby. She has met some very nice people along her way and I appreciate all they have done for her.


In Real Life said...

Neat newspaper article, I am glad to hear that Ameranth's trip is going well!

Happy 4th of July! We had our Canada Day long weekend up here this weekend, but our holiday was on Friday!

knitwit said...

Oh boy, I'm behind again. But what else is new?!
It's always nice to hear that there are people out there willing to take care of a stranger in need. Any time I've had a flat tire or gotten stuck in a snow bank, someone has always stopped out of the goodness of their heart to help.
Sounds like a great weekend. Happy belated 4th of July!