Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Heatwave, Batman

The heat is not the only reason I have not posted- it's just the latest good excuse. We don't usually get an extended stretch of hot days here in Maine, and this is starting to interfere with my life. Which, of course, will not do. Ha.

J has been kept busy tending his pumpkin patch, weeding, making sure they have water and taking pictures. He's got jack o'lantern pumpkins, little white ones and gourds planted, with sunflowers scattered amongst them, along with his gargoyles. He's also busy recording its progress.

Last Sunday was our 34th anniversary and it was as hot and sticky was it was that day in 1977. I had to work in the morning, but J made a nice steak dinner for us and we enjoyed it and a slight breeze on our porch. He gave me a little duck statue for the porch, and I had given him a whirligig earlier, that I found at the employee store. (You may have picked up on the fact that we're pretty down to earth about celebrations) No picture of the duck yet, but here's his little fisherman.

When J takes pictures, I upload them to the computer and do the resizing and saving. And editing. It used to kill me when we used film and he took multiple shots- thank goodness for digital cameras!  I never know what I'll find. Like 6 shots of this in the middle of his lighthouse shots.
Artsy? or trying to figure out the closeup function? 


Captain Dumbass said...

Happy anniversary! We're coming up on 15 next month. Oh, and please keep the heat dome on your side of the continent. Thanks.

KG said...

Has he been bulking up?? His thighs look huge!

Linda said...

Ha! No, see the skinny legs below the very baggy shorts.

In Real Life said...

Happy Anniversary!
Those are great photos!

knitwit said...

Happy Anniversary! We're low-key with our celebrations too. Call me a cheapskate, but why would I pay a restaurant $20 for a steak I could do at home for $5?!
At first glance, that shadow looked to me like a soldier in all his combat gear. I guess we know where my head is!
Hope it cools down for you. We had a heatwave here last week and it just about killed me!