Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The blues and a baby

Still fighting winter blues here. Although it's been an uncommonly sunny winter I'm having trouble finding my get-up-and-go. Not helping at the moment is a longer recovery than usual from the tooth extraction I had last Friday. It might be because, unlike the others removed in the last few years, this one had not had a root canal and was a live tooth. Or the long roots I saw on the x-ray (J asked me why the hell I would look at the x-ray?) were a little stubborn about leaving. At any rate, I have leftover nerve tingling and a sore cheek and ear.

J always enjoys relating the conversations we have while I am under the influence of whatever wonderful drug I have at the oral surgeon, but I don't. So instead, here's a couple of items that did make me laugh at the time.

Ameranth is on the phone to Ms. M.

Me: "Before you hang up, I have two things to tell Ms. M."

A- Nods and looks at me

Me: Holds up one finger : "First....... oh, crap."

A - Laughs and tells Ms.M. "You won't believe what Mom just did"

(I did remember both just a second later)

Ameranth is baby sitting in the afternoons for a cute little 3 month old boy with cheeks like Winston Churchill and a flirty smile. She was holding him in her lap and looking down at his head.

A: "Hey, I can see the blood pulsing in the vein on the top of his head! When does that soft spot go away, anyway?"

I looked at her, trying to remember just how long does that stay soft, and my 'thinking' expression alarmed her.

A- clapping a hand to the top of her own head- "Oh my god, can you see the blood on the top of my head?"


Winston is just about ready to roll over on his own, and we were watching him grunting on his belly, wildly waving his arms and legs. Ameranth thoughtfully said "We're going to be in trouble when he starts crawling, aren't we?"

'We', kemosabe?


Captain Dumbass said...

'We.' Ba ha ha ha hah!

Cid said...

I love the royal "we" my boys try it on me all the time.