Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ameranth is famous (sort of)

Okay, I've been laaazy lately, waiting for sunny skies to perk me up, but something happened today that jolted me into action. Ameranth's story is featured on (our favorite game developer) ArenaNet's blog.

We couldn't mention our visit there until ArenaNet did, so we've been sitting on our giddiness since November. When we were there, we got to play Guild Wars 2, which is still in development and they told Ameranth that they wanted to put a character in game, based on her.  When we played the beta weekend in April, Sectaurs ran across the character and told us where she was, so we got to see her and her hound. Our characters stood around for a bit, in wonder that she really was there.  What a nice gesture of recognition!


Grampa said...

Worth waiting for since November!

knitwit said...

How exciting! You must be so proud!