Monday, July 2, 2012

Where the green grass grows

We've had some anxious moments this year, wondering if our hay would ever get cut, since our horse people no longer had access to the machinery used in the past.  They told us they were looking into possibilities....and the grass kept growing.
But Saturday, I was woken by the sound of a tractor chugging, and dogs barking at it. Our grass was cut and on the way to hay! After being tossed a few times to dry, it was raked into windrows, ready to be baled on Sunday. But the western sky was darkening and as I went out to take this picture, the rain started slowly even though there was blue sky over the far side of the road.
It didn't rain long, and the hay wasn't soaked, but it lay there as the farmer raced to get the bigger field down the road off the ground and into his barn. Ours was still waiting this morning.
But it's all gone and now the grass can start all over again. In the meantime it will be much easier to walk the dogs down to the ponds, since Boomer tended to get lost and circle around back home.
Those devil dogs did enjoy finding the shredded vole families in the cut grass, much to our dismay. After confiscating the first two, any others were quickly gulped down before we could get to them. Yuck.


knitwit said...

I love that someone else's dogs are enjoying the tasty treats they find in the fields too. My two crazy monkeys are always finding dead things out there and gobbling them up before I can catch them!
Glad you got your hay cut!

Marlow said...

Better than rolling in it.......I think.

Kelly Sheehy said...

Holly loves gobbling up dead and gross things! So yucky! :)

Gorgeous pictures, you live in such a beautiful spot!