Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When J went out last month to clean out the weeds before planting his pumpkins, he was very happy to see this volunteer sunflower, with a three foot headstart.  (It's just to the right of center in this picture)
It grew and grew and he was even more happy to see an early flower appearing. Then, it opened up, and it is the smallest sunflower head on the tallest stalk we've had. Not exactly what he hoped for.
He's still thinking one of the others will be the huge blossom of his dreams.


Grampa said...

But at least it's still green!

B2 said...

It has been my experience, as with many plants these days what with engineering and all, that sunflower volunteers return to wild sunflowers. They are a weed here and there are multiple small flowers and small seeds on larges prickly bug infested stalks. The last things the grasshoppers eat.

Kelly Sheehy said...

I love sunflowers! Even with a small head, it's still pretty! :)