Monday, December 17, 2012

Subtitles for life

A snowy day and J having several days off in a row may be making the house seem a leetle too cozy- that, or Ameranth is just feeling her oats today.

J is on the phone to his boss (and family friend) from back in the day, and catching up. I hear him explain that I retired and am unemployed now= "Living the good life" he says.

Ameranth murmurs "my burden to bear" quietly.

J next moves on to "I'm 62 now"  and again I hear the editorial "Yes, I'm an old, old man".

I'm so glad we amuse her.

J just came in laughing to show me what he tried to wear earlier, snowblowing the driveway.
He couldn't figure out why this 'hat' was so hard to get on.

1 comment:

Grampa B said...

Hey John - 62 is young!! Wait til you're pushing 80 like we are!! And we know how to put hats on!!!