Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have enjoyed my lurking ways, through livejournal, and Blogger, reading, chuckling and moving on. Then, I felt the need to add a comment. I followed the directions well, I thought, but then found myself with a blog! I managed to leave my original compliment, and forgot about this page.

Now I'm back. Because darn it, I can figure this out!

I am slowly trying out the settings and came to the My Profile part. I thought I could choose a broad employment description, but 'customer service' is not listed. I know it's out there, it's what I do, but am I really a dying breed? There are some companies that still have live people, here in the US, who answer phones when you call!

Okay, I guess I am ready for the first post to go public. This is surprisingly stressful, considering I am very likely to be the only person who will be seeing this.

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