Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't fence me in

Oh, woe is me.

Rosie has found she can jump out of her yard. 6 foot chainlink fence is not a problem when there is 2 feet of packed snow on the ground. There was a section that gave a little- just a little!- when she leaned on it, and I believe she crawled up and heaved herself over. I refuse to believe she can jump that high. She is not a deer, for Pete's sake!

Huskies are notorious for digging, climbing and jumping out of pens. Unfortunately, now that she has succeeded, she won't give up. Rosie prowled the perimeter, checking each section, while I was out 'fixing' it. She got out again today, so now she is tied until the snow thaws.

This is not a little yard. Each side is 100' long. Plenty of room for running and frolicking.

The only good thing is that she has come to me both times, of course this is after she has been out who knows how long?

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