Friday, March 13, 2009

Side by Side

The fence situation has not improved. I had great hope when it rained and the snow pack lowered a little. Not enough, though. We have had to tie Rosie to a porch post when they are sent outside, unless I walk out with them, Which kind of defeats the purpose of the fenced in yard.

I also found out that Rosie does not want to pee where she is tied, so that purpose is also defeated. Bummer. There has been one bright moment in all this. I will start by saying no one was hurt, which is always a great beginning.

The first day of the rope use, I opened the door to see both sitting side by side on the steps. Rosie got up and walked over, with Boomer on her hip. Not walking beside her, on her hip. Feet off the ground, tied to her side, by the rope wrapped twice around his middle. As I said in my family email, I rarely wish for a cameraman to document my life, but this would have been the time!

It hasn't happened again, but I have noticed that Boomer attacks the rope any chance he gets now, even when Rosie is not on it.

We had a long walk yesterday, down the road to a snowmobile trail that winds around back to our pasture. That tired them out nicely, and they can run free on the trail. Boomer follows Rosie until he gets 50 feet in front of me then races back, throws himself at my knees, and scampers back to follow Rosie again. I would think, oh how nice, he will come back to me, then I remember Rosie did this too at 6 months.

It was touch and go whether she came back to me to get the leash on for the last 500 feet along the road. In the summertime, we would go up the field, but now we (I) have to stay on the trail of packed snow, and go down the road. Rosie was almost back home, along the woods, while Boomer and I waited for her to come back. She finally did, and after tormenting Boomer (since he was already leashed) by racing by several times, let me grab her collar. This is progress.

After raising four kids, and going on four puppies, I have learned to accept gratefully progress of any type, no matter how small. And that most stains come out. As J likes to say, this too shall pass.

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