Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Very random

I logged on because I wanted to write something down before I forgot it and I waited too long. Hmmm, what was it?

It wasn't Boomer, although he is doing well. Off the antibiotics and the honeymoon is over. I became a little lax about watching him and he has peed on the rug a few times. My fault, he had been wandering and I ignored the signs. Of course we have carpeting in only one room, and that's the one he chooses.

It wasn't work, because why would I want to do that? It wasn't the weather because that's been nothing new- just another 10 inches of snow on Monday.

Ah ha! I remembered! And it was nothing earth shattering. Just that I have been re-reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. We saw an episode of The Legend of the Seeker on TV and Ameranth and I are not pleased with the casting. Kahlan is ok, but Richard is not. He is not tall enough and too soft-looking to carry off some of the decisions he makes. And Zedd is just, just, too much. Too loud when he does spells, and not the right look, in my opinion.

So, I decided to go through the series again to see where the show was taking liberties. I own the first 7 books, and had read Phantom when that came out. Sectaurs said he thought the series had been finished, so I checked online and saw there are 11 books! I checked my library yesterday and they have let me down, owning just 2 of the books. I counted on them to get each one as it came out but no. There was a major change in personnel there a few years ago which may account for it.

Now I am waiting for inter-library loans to arrive and hope that Chainfire doesn't arrive last, since I must read them in order. These books are very good, with social commentary woven in the excellent fantasy story. I have been getting through one book a day, but that is only because I have read them before and skimmed certain parts this time.

Boomer just wandered in and looked like he needed to go outside. This time I noticed and let him out. Good dog. I think Rosie finally caught his cold- she is moping about on her chair and doesn't want to go out and play. No sneezing though. I wonder if I can get Boomer out for a walk alone without hurting her feelings.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Linda said...

commenting to myself- Chainfire did indeed come in first, so hurrah for that. Still waiting on the other two- I have found out that Debt of Bones is a prequel, not the end of the series.