Monday, February 23, 2009

What could this mean?

We saw this sign while waiting for Boomer to be delivered on Saturday. I can't figure it out; "Welcome women after hours" Are they men by day and women at night? Are women only welcome when the place is closed? If so, why bother?

Each of us went in to use their restroom, and did not get the stinkeye from the receptionist, who was a woman, or appeared to be.

Oh, and Boomer turned out to be a small happy bundle of squirming fur. He can walk under Rosie's belly, and they are getting along well. He is not housebroken, so that's a nuisance, especially since we just got another foot of snow on top of the 18" or so we already had. Poor guy doesn't have any clearance when he goes out to do his business.

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