Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday was a beautiful day, sunny and the temp got up to 50! We are having our January thaw in February this year, and it is supposed to stay warmer for the next few days. That means in the high 30s and 40s for those of you who don't live in New England.

Rosie and I took a walk down the snowmobile trail- not the one on our land, but across the pasture down the road from us. I let her see me putting meat scraps in my pocket(yes, they were in a baggie) and we set off. Once I got away from the road, I let her off the leash. Since this was new territory for her, she was a little cautious, and looked back from time to time to be sure she was heading the right way.

The trail wound through trees, up and down little slopes and Rosie had a great time jumping into the deep snow for side trips. Two snowmobilers came by, and we decided to go home. As I toiled up the hill that was much steeper than it had been going down, she was way off to the side, following a buried stone wall. She came back to me with a fish in her mouth, about 6 inches long! Don't ask me, I have no idea how it got there, maybe a bird dropped it?

Anyway, I pretended I didn't see it, and stopped walking toward her. She examined it, then left it and came to me for steak. Back on the leash and off we went home. The fish looked too fresh to be worth rolling in, I guess.

Today it is drizzling and we don't like that. We walk in snow, but not rain nor sleet.

We would not make good mailmen.

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