Friday, February 20, 2009

MRI is done

Okay, I survived the MRI without embarrassing myself by freaking out. I had thought about it enough so my brain was numb, you know, enough already? Which is what I do, then I did take a sedative too.

But the lady was so nice, with a full explanation of what was going to happen (hmm, mayhap I am not the only nutcase they've dealt with?)and that helped a lot. Plus I wore exactly the right thing- no metal anywhere- so that all I had to remove was my top layer sweatshirt so they could get to my arm for the dye. That meant I stayed warm and happy.

Next earplugs were inserted. That's right, one person each side did it for me- a little weirded out by that- then I laid down and cosy little cushions were put by my ears, to help with the sound, I was told. What really happens, is it holds your head very firmly in place, but in a cosy, warm way. Then a washcloth was put over my eyes, and that was the big winner! You never see the tube at all as they slide you in, and as long as you don't stick your hand up by accident and feel it, you wouldn't know it was there. I didn't need no stinkin' panic button!

So, an hour , one shot of contrast dye and a lot of loud noises later, I was free to go. J drove me home and I zoned out on the couch for awhile. Now, I wait until my doctor visit in March to find out the results, I guess. Unless someone calls me before that.

I hope I get to see some pictures. That would be cool.

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