Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exciting week ahead

Two things happening this week- one I am dreading, the other anticipating! No appropriate music comes to mind for an MRI, which is scheduled for Thursday. I am not so comfortable in tight places, and have to remember to take deep breaths every time I think about this. It hasn't helped that I have been having dreams about being trapped in holes and such.

I do have a sedative to take, and it probably won't be that bad. It's being done because I have trigeminal neuralgia, and they want to rule out any cause that makes sense, like a tumor or misaligned cervical bones. Apparently most cases are caused by a nerve getting bugged at it's neighbors and becoming ultra sensitive.

Aaaanyways, I don't expect them to find anything, (well, I do have a brain in there), but I guess I don't want to skip the test and find out later there was a hole or bump as the culprit!

So that's the bad- the good is that we are getting a second dog on Saturday! YAY! I've wanted one for Rosie, since she misses having Anna to play with and I hope this one will be a good match. I found him on a website for shelters in Kentucky which are overcrowded, and have high kill rates. We don't have a whole lot of dogs for adoption in Maine, and shelters charge quite a bit for them.

I was shocked to see "kill day is Thursday" on one of the sites- they are so crowded that they can keep some dogs only a week. So, I found Boomer, a 5 month old male Keeshond/shepherd mix. The shelter had a transport to CT arranged for some rescue dogs and they fit Boomer in. Volunteers drive legs of the transport- thank you volunteers- which made it possible for me to get him. It's about 4+hour drive, but I am stopping at my daughter's in MA and she will drive me the last hour there and back, giving me a break before going back to Maine.

I hope Rosie likes him. I hope he's housebroken.

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