Monday, February 16, 2009

Guild Wars weekend

Quick one tonight. Really, I promise.

This weekend was a double experience points for capturing elite skills in GW. Excellent for my 3rd try at a survivor. I got 33 elite skills (most of which Max will never use) x 10,000 XP a pop. Together with XP for fighting, I earned 379,999 which brings me up to 729,784 experience, without dying, not even once! This is a little over half of what I need to get the Indomitable Survivor title- I think that's the name of it, anyway. I believe I am now a Legendary Survivor. And that is an awful lot of careful fighting, which is not my usual style.

Ok, if my parents were to read this, it would be gibberish, but my children would know what it means- well, 3 out of 4 would.

And, I did spend time with J as well, shopping, dinners, house cleaning, etc, etc, etc as the King would say.

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