Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's not have a sniffle

We're headed to RI for a funeral. Our brother-in-law passed away yesterday after months of declining health. He was married to J's "Irish twin"( he and his sister are the same age for a week) and it was a second marriage for both of them. I can't remember now how long it's been, but it's close to 30 years.

Bob was ex-Navy, from Arizona and his Mexican heritage blended remarkably well with the crazy Irishmen(and women). His youngest son moved in with them in his teens, and when Bob and Trish moved to RI later to live with J's mom, his son decided to come east as well. Later, a teenage grandson came to join them. We used to tease them for missing the cute baby years and going straight to the teenage angst.

Here's a favorite family song, for any occasion- but I am sure we will hear it this weekend.  Goodbye, Bob. We'll miss you.



Molly said...

Don't you think they'd be hot on stage in those sweaters?

Linda said...

I know- you should be careful when you choose your stage costumes. I thought the same thing- they are glistening a bit.