Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

It's the end of a very busy week. We got home Tuesday after Bob's funeral and spent Wednesday cleaning and baking. We did score a kerosene heater from b-i-l Gus and J used up the fuel in it in his shop that afternoon.

It was a good visit. The four dogs tired themselves out and got thoroughly wet and muddy, we played Scrabble, Scattergories, rummy and crazy eights, and showed off our new shed. Poor Sectaurs had a root canal on Tuesday and goes back for a crown next week on his birthday.

I found a new flavor of Jello pudding, pumpkin spice, which made a very nice pie. Graham cracker crust, layer of pudding in the bottom, followed by a layer of pudding and whipped cream, and one of just the cream. Mmmm. All the nice flavor of a pumpkin pie, but none of the eggy custard texture that I don't like. The kids were here by 8:30 Wed. night, and we promptly had dessert. J was a wee bit distressed by that, saying they were "supposed" to be for Thanksgiving. I figure, we'll be too full from dinner, and they were leaving before 5 the next day, so why not enjoy the goodies now? I certainly did not want leftovers.

Since the veggies were all canned or frozen, except for the potatoes, there wasn't a lot of prep involved. I do make my own stuffing and cooked one batch separately for Ameranth. The most stress I had was remembering not to use the same spoons to stir things, so no meat touched her food. None of us like dark meat, so that was saved for the soup, and the stripped carcass went right into a pot after dinner. J will make his turkey barley soup and freeze some for Sectaurs too.

It was a very nice day, especially after being part of a family gathering last weekend for a much sadder occasion. I am very thankful for all we have, most of which was in our house yesterday.

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