Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here be beavers (or at least it looks like it)

I took these pictures the day before snow covered the ground here. What timing! I've been noticing felled trees on the way to work, with the little pointy stumps that say "Beavers at work". No big surprise since there are several dams making 3 ponds that I can see, but these big trees are across the road, and the railroad tracks, from the pond.

I assume they trim off the smaller branches and haul them back to their pantry, but are they dragging them across the road, up the slope to the tracks and back down again?  It looks like there is a culvert, so probably they use that, but the end looked like it had collapsed a bit. I saw a six foot length of birch floating that had to be four inches in diameter- that would be tough to drag.

Did you see the size of the trees they are downing?  Bit off more than they can chew. Hah!

Beavers are nocturnal, so I think I better be careful driving past here at 1 AM. If they get a work party going, it could look like the Ents are marching. Talk about an adrenaline rush!


Suldog said...

Do they have any sort of beaver control programs where you are? I know some communities in MA have them because of problems they cause with flooding and such.

Personally, I like beavers. I used to go golfing very early in the morning and would often see them out on the course. They were cute.

Linda said...

I wasn't sure, so I looked it up quickly. We seem to have 'suggestions' about control. But I did notice that with one culvert blocking idea, this note: "Beavers observed in Massachusetts could not get through the wire"

Pearl said...

Love the Ents reference!



p.s. Glad you're feeling better!