Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warmth in my heart..and my feet, finally.

So, it turns out that it's not just that my van has sucky heat. Nope, it had a thermostat that was stuck open. And now for 12.95 for the part and a bit more for the joy of having someone else fix it, I no longer arrive to work with a cherry red nose, and white fingers.

And just so we don't sound like complete idiots, it had been a  gradual loss of heat, so I thought well, duh it's getting colder outside.  But suddenly last week,  turning on the heat would stop the struggling rise of the heat gauge and cause it to flatline.

On to the warmth in my heart. First, I have tonight off!  Woo hoo! I can't remember the last time I didn't work Christmas Eve. We had a choice of the day before or after off, and I always chose after, since we drove to RI.  This year, I have both off and I am enjoying it.

My wrapping is now finished, and I am about to make some snickerdoodles. (Those are cookies, guys. cookies) Tomorrow all of our MA kids will meet us at Grandma's and we'll exchange gifts. Then off to visit J's side of the family, finally finishing up the day at #3's for the rest-of-my-family gathering. 

We won't be able to visit with J's sister Re, since she can't take the risk of germs right now. She's just finished a grueling course of chemo treatment for breast cancer, and has a few weeks off before she starts radiation. Re caught some virus and had to spend a few days in the hospital, being re-hydrated, but went home today, so that's good news.

Shoeshine called today to let me know he had sent a birthday present that should arrive today. The UPS man showed up while we talked, so I was able to thank him right away for the very nice earrings he sent. My first dangly pair! I had to have J help get one in, since I couldn't see the right angle to aim for! So, now I look a little strange as I randomly shake my head to feel them.

Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone!  It will be a quick trip down and back, but we are lucky to have so much family near enough to visit. As well as family we want to visit!

Lucky to have so much family, period.

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