Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long weekend

It's been stressful around here for the last week. We went to R.I. for the memorial service and burial of J's brother, who died just before Christmas. His sister who lives in Florida called to say they would like to visit while they were in New England, hence the rush to finish Ameranth's/guest room. We told them it would have to be after the funeral, not before (or I would have had a meltdown) and luckily unfortunately they had to be back to work and couldn't make it. We're hoping they can make it another time.

Saturday went well, both the mass and the military ceremony at the Veteran's Cemetery in Exeter. Quite a few family members were able to come, so that was nice. Between the 10 siblings there are 21 cousins and then 9 cousins (so far) in the 3rd generation.

Shoeshine made a quick trip out from Boulder so it was nice to see him. Ameranth stayed home with the 3 dogs, and Ms. M and Mr. C came down but had to leave early since Mr. C had the duty phone from work and needed to go back to solve some problems. No pictures before they left. 

Reviewing these pictures I feel the need to point out that everyone dressed up for the service and changed into comfy clothes afterwards, knowing it would be a long day. There are lots of jokes about Irish wakes but the truth is that they know how to celebrate life and laughter. They cry easily but laugh just as easily, drink and dance and eat and joke. It's a good way to remember a loved one. 

One ongoing joke was that J's brother (being the eldest) had often proclaimed himself the patriarch of the family- a statement made only half in jest. Saturday the next oldest, (the Florida sister) declared herself the matriarch, to which J jumped in and pointed out that he was now the oldest son, hence he was the new patriarch. I think this photo shows how seriously his sisters took that.

It was a very nice weekend.

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Ameranth said...

What a fine looking family!