Friday, April 22, 2011

Week end

J has today off so we spent a few hours running errands, then finished up with grocery shopping. It's been a pretty blah week here at the Crazy household, so it felt good to get something done. We had a canvas tote bag filled with shoes to bring to the Salvation Army, but this tote has been riding in the van for several weeks and we forgot to transfer them to a plastic bag before we left. We pulled up intending to ask them for one, but a large bag blew over to us as we got out. Just the right size for the loot, so that was nice.

Since we were in the area, we stopped at the ReStore place. Lo and behold! They had tile there. Enough 4 inch tiles to do around our shower and in a neutral enough color to please us both. We counted out tiles, divided by 9 and multiplied by the 25 cents per square foot for a grand total of $7.25, plus tax. You can't beat that!

When we got home, J put air in my bike tires and adjusted the handlebars for me. This was a Christmas gift that we just brought home from R.I. on our last visit. His brother helped him track down and buy this old bike for a bargain price. I wanted  3 speeds and I wanted fenders. Do you know how hard it is to find that combo? J polished the chrome and it looks great. Just what I wanted.
You probably can't tell in this picture, but we do have little daffodils blooming. And the grass is green, and wait for it.......the snow is gone! 

To finish up, a little dialogue.
J comes in and hands me a pen (clearly one he found somewhere)
"Try this pen out- do you like it?"
Me: "Yes, it's very nice"
J (with a grand gesture): "Keep it"
Me: "Oh mercy, what a man!"
J: "The least I could do for my little woman"
Ameranth: "You two are weird"


In Real Life said...

That's so sweet about the pen! :)
What a cool bike! That is a good find on the tiles!
I hope you have a great long weekend!

knitwit said...

Oh, I'd love a bike like that. The new ones at the store have a little too much going on for me!
Enjoy those daffodils. I'm so happy to see the snow finally disappearing!

Anonymous said...

LOL Methinks Ameranth may be right!