Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweating by the Oldie

Last week I was scheduled to work 5 days, this week none! That works out very nicely since Shoeshine is coming to Maine for a friend's wedding and will be visiting for a few days. So instead of walking several miles and sweating profusely in a warehouse each day, I can choose my chores and sit down at my computer when I get too hot. And have time to visit with Shoeshine.
Much better. Less money, but still better.

One hot afternoon after we both got home from work, we moved some blocks from inside the dog yard to a garden that I have been revamping. I think it turned out pretty well- just enough for the part I wanted to wall off.
If you look at the right side you can see used-to-be-lovely white phlox lying on the ground. I uncharacteristically planted it right after purchasing, so we of course got a severe thunderstorm and  three of the four stems snapped off. It really did look good.

I've been up for a couple of hours since I didn't sleep well, and I just ran barefoot out back to take that picture. The dew was heavy and cold, and my feet are covered with grass, since I mowed the lawn yesterday and it looks like we should be baling the results.

Ameranth has gotten to Colorado and is visiting Shoeshine in Boulder. She had a nice writeup in a local Nebraska  paper last week. Now she is trying to decide how to get over the Rockies. I am pushing for getting a ride, but I fear she is thinking that would be wimping out. Bah-it's all an adventure and why not be safe about it? Silly independent children people!

J is up now- he has the day off so we will be hitting the dump and getting some more projects done today, maybe tackling the bulkhead walls that we need to rebuild before installing a door.

Last night I walked into the kitchen to see J staring at a frozen pizza on the stove and saying "I'll eat it, but this looks far beneath the quality I am used to."


In Real Life said...

Your garden is beautiful! That is so nice that you have the week off to visit with your son! :)

knitwit said...

Your days off together sound like ours. No romantic dates into the city for us--we'd rather get some junk to the dump too!
Have a great week off and enjoy your visit!