Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Did you see that one, deah?

Life is back to as close to normal as it gets around here. We got our power back after about 25 hours without it, and I immediately washed the bathroom and did the dishes. Since we have a well, we don't have water when we have no power, so it was a bathtub of water and manual flushes for us. And the "man" should be taken out of manual because neither one of them could grasp the concept of 'half a bucket held waist high and pour into the bowl'.  I would hear water pouring and then "huh" and more water.

Shoeshine is back in CO and we are missing his help today while finishing the cleanup. We were smart enough to get the heavy stuff done while he was here though.

We did our grocery shopping early while we waited for the dew to dry, and saw a few amusing signs along the way.  One homemade one advertised "kiddling" wood for sale- that's just embarrassing.  Then there was the "glow in the dark mini golf", which at first glance seemed like a fun idea. But, mini golf usually involves kids- kids with golf clubs- kids with golf clubs in the dark?  Hmm.

The one I liked best was posted outside a hall: GRANGE SUPPA.
Ayuh, this is Maine.


In Real Life said...

Glad that you have your power back on! :)
Tee Hee: kids running around with golf clubs in the dark!

Captain Dumbass said...

Bah ha ha.

Marlow said...

You can hook up the panel so that your well works off the generator. We have it that way.

Linda said...

Our gen tran switch only has one 20 amp switch and that goes to the furnace, which most of the time we prefer to have running!