Sunday, August 28, 2011

We have the power!

Well, Hurricane Irene is now dying over New England, but keeps having last gasps. Some very strong gasps at that.

We prepared by picking up the yard and getting gas for the cars and the generator, making sure the rechargeable batteries were charged, and setting our solar/windup lights out in the sun on Saturday. The wind coming from the southeast meant that our porch was on the protected side of the house and we spent a lot of time out there watching the trees bend and sway. I was very happy to have the satellite dish work for most of the time, and we didn't lose power until 2:30.

All three of us happened to be in the living room when that happened, and we sat staring at the black screen, willing the TV back on. I complained that I wouldn't be able to read my book if we didn't get the power back within a couple of hours.

J said proudly, " No, we have lights, and candles, and a generator...... hey, we have a generator!" 

It only took us about 10 minutes to remember that.


knitwit said...

Ha! So glad you have that generator. Glad all is still well out your way. I've been thinking of you!

In Real Life said...

That is awesome that you have a generator! Glad that the storm wasn't too severe. My in-laws in Nova Scotia were getting a lot of rain and some wind from Irene yesterday.