Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eye yi yi

We have vacation and projects galore next week, so of course, we are falling apart this week! J has a bruised arm and a sore rib from a coworker dropping his end of a generator they were lifting down at work on Sunday. Nothing serious though, thank goodness.

He was planning on returning to work on Tuesday, but the night before I had flashes of light in one eye, and figured I'd better have it checked out. Since I had to be dilated, J drove me to the Dr and the later to the retinal specialist she sent me to. Good news- although the gel inside my eyeball is shrinking, that is a normal age-related happening that does not affect eyesight, and the hole she thought she saw turned out to be a wrinkle in my retina.

 The specialist got a little peeved with me and my very strong blink reflex. He's not the first eye doctor to do so, either. I tried my best and was congratulating myself on looking in the right direction, when he told me I was squeezing so hard it made it difficult for him. This from the man who was probing around my eyelid with what looked like a crochet hook! Anyway, all's well that ends well.

There was a humorous moment, as we patients were all dilating in the hallway, the 'regular' eye Dr. came in to say hello to the specialist who uses this office one afternoon a week.

Dr to specialist : How are you doing? It's been awhile since I've seen you.

Specialist: Well, it's our second day of being empty nesters. All three kids are in college.

Dr: Oh ho- Sex in the living room!

Moment of silence, then Specialist: Well, we better get blinds on the windows first.


In Real Life said...

I detest going to the eye doctor, I am a terrible eye patient! I am glad to hear that your eye is ok!

Captain Dumbass said...

Bah ha ha ha ha!

Meg said...

Hi Linda,
I know this comment doesn't relate to this post but I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding your comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked my mother's essay on what reading means to her. And I loved your comment, about remembering not being able to sign in cursive for your library card. Isn't it funny the small things we catalog away in our brains? Our memories. People have such powerful connections to their years as emergent readers - either pleasant or not so pleasant. Stories, both fiction and nonfiction, are such an integral part of being a human. And being able to access those stories through print is so a gift. I am a literacy teacher (elementary) and it is my life's passion. Teaching reading. Engaging small children in the world of words. Thanks for stopping in to my blog and sharing!
P.S. - I see you are from Maine. Sigh. How I miss our little getaway there. New England is just special. Plain and simple.