Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where does the time go?

Why haven't I written more lately?
Well, first we worked on this:
 Then we started here:
(this is still in progress)

Next we took him with us
to MA to deliver a day bed to a daughter and pick up two chairs from a son.
We also demolished part of this,
and then painted the remainder.
And planted these.
Vacation was over, so we went back to work, then I drove to R.I. to visit my brother and s-i-l who were visiting from TX. Since the five of us only get together every few years, I made sure to take my camera. Sadly, I forgot to use it.

No worries, I have this one of us from another summer....
almost 50 years ago.


KG said...

Damn, we were all so cute back then, whatever happened?

In Real Life said...

That last picture is so cute! Wow, you guys have been super busy, you sure got a lot of projects done on your vacation! Boomer is so sweet!

knitwit said...

I'm so behind, but it kind of looks like you're even busier than I am!
I love that last photo. Look how happy everyone is!