Friday, October 21, 2011


My new bookshelves are done (except for some trim, as usual).
The bottom shelf is large for all of those awkwardly sized books that never fit anywhere, most of which are still downstairs. We thought we were so smart, using one of my hardcover books to measure and decide how tall to make the other shelves. Unfortunately, it turned out that I did not use the largest ones I have, sooo I had to juggle collections according to where they fit, not by genre. J and Ameranth were really pushing for neat divisions.
I did discover a few more duplicate copies which will go to the library book sale next week.

We also have our front lawn back in place, and the excavator man was kind enough to place the huge rock in front of our steps for us. It's been raining since, so we haven't neatened it up yet.

Work is very slow for me right now, since new training classes have to get their hours in and business doesn't usually pick up until mid-November. So, I have been thinking of driving out to meet Ameranth as she heads for the west coast and the end of her walk. I'd like to do it, but am weighing cost, driving time, etc. 


knitwit said...

I bet it'd be a fun trip if you can swing it. But the cost of gas these days really puts a wrench in the works if you're trying to be thrifty!
Nice work on the shelves and lawn! I've been getting a bit done in my basement, but there are so many jobs around here that we've put off for way too long.
Have a great weekend!

In Real Life said...

Your bookshelves are gorgeous! Wow! I love books and bookshelves! Our bookshelves are stuffed full right now, but we don't have space for another set of shelves!
I love that rock by your front step, what a fabulous idea!
That does sound like it would be a fun trip to visit Ameranth.