Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm gonna do it!

After much deliberation, I have made my decision- I am going to drive out to San Diego to see Ameranth finish her walk. And then bring her back home. Because otherwise I think she might wander about there for a while.

Work is slow, so I can take the time off and J nobly says it's all right to leave him alone for 3 weeks, although he is not very happy about it. But Boomer will keep him company. I plan on leaving early next week, to be sure that I get out there before Ameranth hits the Pacific Ocean.

I got a lot crossed off my to-do list today: Two new tires installed; oil change scheduled for tomorrow; some Swedish Fish and Lifesavers bought for snackage, found (empty) gel caps so I can taper off one prescription and on to a more affordable choice; got some maps from AAA; checked insurance coverage for Ameranth driving our car, realized that I needed to pickup an absentee ballot and did so, and ta da, bought a cell phone!

I know, who doesn't have cell phone in this day and age? Us, that's who.

 Although J has been craving one with all the bells and whistles, we just didn't need one, until this trip came up. So I now have a pre-paid, least you can get, basic cell phone which the nice lady at the store set up for me. I had to sign an agreement that I wouldn't use it for terrorism and I told her I would barely be able to make a phone call, so no worries about that.

I have a loose plan- drive south to FL to visit an aunt, then head west. My brother lives east of Dallas, so that will be another stop, then depending on the time frame, I may be able to visit friends in Las Vegas before intercepting Ameranth and Anna in CA. I am looking forward to my part of her adventure!

Oh, and there was a very cool article about their trip in our paper yesterday.


Marlow said...

You do realize you are adding about a 1000 miles or so by heading to FL.?

Linda said...

Nope, just 346 more to swing by Pensacola first, and it's worth it to visit your lovely mother! :p

Marlow said...

LOL...you dont go west the way I do. But your trip sounds fun. Wish I could go!