Monday, October 10, 2011

J's in love

This came to uncover our septic tank and a broken pipe yesterday and J covets it. At $68,000 he isn't getting one for his birthday next month! It was left here for a few days until the work is done, then it will move the mound of dirt back in place. 

We had uncovered the cleanout access on top of the tank, but had to call in the machinery when the repairs were needed. Our tool doesn't compare to The Claw!

Those big rocks were dug up when we had the tank installed and were placed around it. We have decided that we just want grass there- no messy garden that I never keep up with- so I'm not sure what we'll do with the rocks now. That 4 foot long one would look nice in front of our steps, so maybe we'll ask that it be moved over there.

The weather has been beeyootiful this weekend, up near 80 yesterday and perfect for outdoor work. We did have two nights of frost last week though, so the gardens are done. J picked his pumpkins and I have repotted my plants that are going back indoors for the winter.  I have too many spider plants, but I can't stand to throw any out.

J got an early birthday present and finally has the drill press he has wished for. He loves that and he loves getting his ghouls out for Halloween. 

(He doesn't love it when I say they look friendly)


In Real Life said...

I love the photo of you with the ghouls! We had a beautiful weekend here too, it was so nice to see the sunshine! What a cute digger!

KG said...

Well the one in the middle looks friendly anyway.... :)

Gramps said...

LOL That's our family!!